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. we'll tell you how to get america back to work tonight. and here's a hint. destimulate. that's right. remove all the high tax, regulatory, and spending obstacles coming out of washington that are stopping business job creation. >>> plus, president obama wants to spend $2.3 billion to stimulate 17,000 green jobs. are you kidding? that's $135,000 her job. ridiculous. let us keep our own money, thank you very much. so we now have nine reasons why the jobs report is real bad news for the democrats come november. you know corporate profits are up strong, so are stocks. nearly a 3% gain for the broad stock market index this week, but washington is making it too lostly to create jobs. that has to be changed. and finally kudlow hotline. we will take your calls. profits are up. jobs are down. washington has to get out of the way. fasten your seatbelts everybody. the kudlow report begins right now. good evening, larry kudlow. we believe pre-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity and tonight we'll talk about how to get america back to work. jobs, jobs, jobs. president obama announced
peter beinart, daily beast, senior fellow new america foundation. we have the "wall street journal's" steve moore. mr. moore will change the title if scott brown wins tonight. and on the program for the first time, robert take sracinskitrac. i want to go to peter beinart. i laid out the issues as i saw them and i want to get your reaction to my money politics message this evening. >> i think what you didn't include is the fact that when you have 10% unemployment, people are very angry at whoever is in power. in 1982 when up employment was very high and your pal, ronald reagan was in power, the republicans got sha lacked. obama is significantly more popular in massachusetts than all the republicans in congress. nationally his approval rating is still 50%. people are upset because the economy is so bad. if the economy recover, then obama's political fortunes will recover. >> but steve moore, imso taken by this scott brown message which is a combination of supply side tax cuts and the new pea tarty populist movement which we have talked about at some length. we'll get bob tracinski in
stanley. the new bank of america ceo brian moynihan. coming to washington just as record prochts and record bonuses are being announced almost daily on wall street, while millions of americans are unemployed, and small businesses in particular complain about the lack of lending and a credit crunch. now, congress gave this commission a mandate and subpoena power to look at nearly two dozen issues related to the cause and effects of the financial crisis. in the first two days of the hearings, we'll not only hear from the top bank executives, but officials leading major federal and state investigations. as well as leading economists. >> i have just a couple quickies. this is republican and democrat run. >> yes, six democrats, four republicans. >> i want to assume and even think this is not a soviet show trial. they're not just going to bash the bankers. they're really going to go through an investigation, exploration, analysis, sort of like the 9/11 commission years ago. because we don have a consensus in this country on exactly what and why it all happened. we really don't. >> that
think it's short of breath. we can certainly do better without it in america. >> we welcome you back on the report, sir. thank you ever so much. >>> coming up, we delve in to the history of glass-steagall which is under pressure and we'll debate whether reinstating the rule is best answer to financial regulation. is mr. obama possibly right about taking the banks out of all these activities and is that real the problem as we try to get economic recovery and reduce the unemployment rate? and plus please catch john harwood, he's got first on cnbc interview with larry summers. that's on the cnbc special report breaking the banks. that will begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us here in the kudlow report. but when you look a little closer... their story begins to fall apart. see, at&t let's you talk on the phone while you surf the web. [ clattering ] verizon...doesn't. at&t has the most popular smartphones and the nation's fastest 3g network. verizon...doesn't. [ clattering ] glad that's cleared up. oh, boy. [ male announcer ] at&t. a better 3g experience. get an exclusive pantech mess
countries to do it abroad. for america's intelligence services, clear lines of responsibility and the president himself is promising to take responsibility, as well. >> i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us safer. for ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> reporter: and the president is saying that he's going to put more air marshals on u.s. flights of carriers, u.s. carriers that have flights oversea, but of course that's going to cost a lot of money and it's going to cause a lot of problems, a lot more debate here on capitol hill. >> brian, you've been covering this story. i have a couple questions for you. i think it's great and it's fine that the president is taking the wrap on this. but in a sense, he's promising us bureaucratic reform and i'm always somewhat dubious about that. but first question. he is not labeling in as a terror war. halves the bush/cheney nomenclature. and i think this is a terror war and in particular, we the government and the u.s. intelligence and security forces will ask ameri
and shows innovation is alive and well in america. and that's pro-growth. the mini boom continues with strong factory orderses and improving car sales. but pending home sales were soft and we're going to debate the disastrous $75 billion home loan modification plan. where did all that money go? plus, free market populism is on the rise. the new-new deal is dead. remember ronald reagan said we the people, president obama said we the government planners. robert reich will debate the weekly standards. matt con nettie. but the government health care takeover will hose rich people. it might also sink the demes in thehmidterm election. and a top senate democrat is retiring. you uh-huh. we'll have the details. and finally the kudlow hotline, i'll take your calls on everything. fasten your seatbelts, the kudlow report begins right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the kudlow report where we believe free market capitalism is still the best path to prosperity. tonight, people's money -- sorry. people's money politics message. the lead economic story is google's nexus one
meaning for millions of people right here in america. i hope the senate is listening to your show, larry, and they get the message that this bernanke appointment needs to be re-evaluated. >> thank you very much. peter and mark, i appreciate it. >>> coming up, banks are bracing for bonus fury from main street as well they should, in my view. why should they get any bonus money at all while they were t.a.r.p.ed? after that's different. during that's different. we have bill isaac and the former commerce secretary and "the new york times," we'll debate all this when we return. you're watching cnbc first in business worldswide. ( music playing ) if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. comwhat are you doing...? calling chase sapphire, seeing if we have enough points to stay longer. now? you don't have enough time... and you have to push all those buttons... no buttons, someone answers ever
retail banks, like the bank of america and jpmorgan, will be hit far less by this tax. and guess what, their stocks jumped up today, you know the stock market is smart and discerning. and incidentally, region banks rallied big-time, since they're going to be penalized muchless. meanwhile, on the unfairness category, the insurer, met life, which is now a bank holding company, and the regional hudson citibankcorp in new jersey, both of which never took a dime of t.a.r.p. money, they will be penalized by this tax, because they are going to qualify and that ain't fair. on the other hand, speaking of political favoritism, mortgage giants fannie and freddie will not pay the tax. hold on a second. mr. obama bashed excessive bonuses today. but fannie and freddie ceos could make $6 million in the next year or two. they're government-owned bureaucrats, they ought to be paid like gs-18s. and this whole tax is being used to finance the failed government takeovers of gm, gmac, fannie and freddie, and let's not forget the $75 billion failure of the so-called foreclosure loan modification program. t
's what it was, is exactly the wrong solution for america. the solution is that the down sooiz and limit the reach and effect of the federal government in the cost of doing business and living your life. >> well speaking of downsizing, going to smaller government, let's not forget "the washington post" poll by 58-38. the respondents in that poll want smaller government and fewer government services. you are proposing to rescind or reduce the federal budget by $120 billion by instead of willie nilly passing this nearly $2 trillion increase in the debt limitation. tell us about that. are you being joined by people on the proposal? >> sure. we have four other co-sponsors and, look, 120 billion is easy. the next $120 billion will be easy. if, in fact, we're thinking about the future. i'm not sure my amendment will pass but to take a 5% shave across the federal budgets with exception of va and dod when we increased them 28% in the last two years nothing. my idea is let's not raise the debt limit. the debt limit increase they're proposing is more money that we spent as an entire country at the
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to invest. every business person in america is wondering, what is the next policy going to be? when is it going to change? and those things affect their decisions. so i would say to the president, let's calm down. let's put a few policies in place that we know are going to be there. let's quit trying to change the world overnight. >> senator mccaskill, you heard senator corker. do you think this is the right time to put down strict limits on commercial banks and limits? a lot of people in new york don't like it, a lot of analysts say it's barking up the wrong tree, and at the bare minimum, a lot of people are saying this is the wrong time to mess with the bank taxes. what's your take? >> i never met a banker that would say it's the right time to have a bank tax. of course they're reacting that way. but this isn't just about what businesses out there are -- their view of what washington is or isn't doing. this is also about what's really happening out there in the middle class and the pain that people are feeling. so yes, we have to -- i'm a co-sponsor along the republican on spendin
-style rally where you had the contract with america that brought people back out into the optimistic camp. >> mike, was the bankers tax anoumtd and brouhaha the reason for the drop in financial stock this is week? or, in fact, were the jp morgan earnings and revenues that much disappointing? when i got the news they beat the streets' estimates but everyone was picking away at them and suddenly we had a decline across the board. the banks fell earlier in the week on the o announcement of the tax. which is more important. the bankers tax? the earnings or revenues? does this mean everybody is down grading and not jp morgan and morgan stanley and all the rest of them? >> jp morgan's numbers to put a point on this, they were excellent numbers. >> yeah. >> and the market went down. financial stocks led the market down. people then look for an excuse. they said, well, the retail part of the business wasn't so good or the revenues were under what we had expected them to be. the people who looked at them early in the day and looked at the numbers said, these are really good numbers. so nothin
as good as the current situation. and i have -- >> and you think the president led america to a going out of business sale last night? >> i think his -- i think everybody was surprised when he put that -- there's amazon after the bell. see, the stocks shot up and then it came right back down again. that cannot be good. quent quentin, i don't think anybody, including yours truly, expected mr. obama to put that darn foreign corporate earnings tax back on the table. that thing was dead, it was buried, now we put a stake in it, and all of a sudden like dracula, it rises again. that can't be good, quentin. you're taxing banks and you're taxing corporations. you can't tell me this is good. >> news flash, larry. you've got a hair up your nose crazy tax system. and here's another aspect of it. >> why make it worse? >> that's not what was going on. the markets like clarity. my problem with the speech last night, obama wasn't leading, he was giving another campaign speech. i want a strong leader who tells me what's going to happen so i know how to deal in it. he was here, he was there, it was this
, one of america's most trusted investors, is still bull li bullish on stocks. take a listen to another quote on warren buffett and stocks. >> if i had a choice between holding cash or 30-year bonds or only equities, i wouldn't hesitate for a second to own equities. ( inspiring music playing ) someday, the driver will get to choose how efficient or powerful their car will be. the first ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. the most fuel-efficient of all luxury vehicles. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. >>> so why did stocks sell off today? the dow fell 22 point. was it credit restraints coming out of china or maybe some skepticism of the scott brown revolution? join me now for contributor andrew bush and peter navarro, author of "the coming wars." an
and bank of america off 12% just this week. and that led everything else down. that was the big story in the stock market. you know what? attacking banks, you're attacking the economy. attack the economy, you're attacking stocks. banks aren't the enemy, they should be part of the solution. but remove the too big to fail, put some free market discipline back into the banking system. i don't believe any of obama's tax attack on banks or the regulatory scheme is going to pass the senate. the idea of limiting banks right now is a very bad idea, especially if they're regaining health. let's not forget in the stock market, you have a very steep upward sloping treasury curve. that is bullish for banks. you buy money near zero and you can loan it out at 3% or 4% risk-free. let's not react to this story. i don't think the bank legislation is going to go through. and as ace economist wrote this week, the index of leading indicators is booming. and both short-term funding and high-yield spreads have utterly collapsed. these are great leading indicator positives for the economy. another positive.
in america's future. i will stand by my word. >> all right, so could the jfk reagan tax cutting message lead to a political upset message in massachusetts? this senate candidate hopes so. look at his recent tv ad. this is totally cool. >> billions of dollars were placed in the hands of the consumer and the hands of businessmen will have both immediate and permanent benefits to our economy. every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help to create a new job and a new salary and these new jobs and salaries can create other jobs in other salaries and more customers and growth for an expanding american economy. i'm scott brown and i approved this message. >> all right. this ad, with jfk reaching out to conservative democrats of the old school makes me positively orgasm orgasmic. and this is scott brown running against attorney general martha coakley. scott, welcome to the show. what you doing here? >> first of all i'm honored to be on your show. thank you very much for taking an interest. it shows that different people, different party, different era but the same message
to tell america tomorrow night that the era of big humongous taxing and spending government is over. now you -- former clinton alumnus must welcome this with open arms. let us go to damascus together. >> larry, i worked with bill clinton and barack obama is no bill clinton. thank goodness. look, bill clinton was dealing with a completely different situation. the economy was coming out of a very, very mild recession. and it was coming out forcefully. and bill clinton could obviously move to the center and be a little more efficiently so call responsible. but barack obama is in a totally different position. the economy now is not coming out of a mild recession. some people don't even think the economy is coming out at all. a lot of americans, six, seven americans trying to get jobs for every one job opening there is. this is a horrendous situation. and for the president to move in the direction of tying his hands next year in any way against the possibility that he may need and congress may need to spend more money to get people jobs, i think that makes no sense whatsoever. it is -- i will
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